Why Pearson Aviation?

Why Pearson Aviation?
Why Essendon Airport?
Why Melbourne?

Pearson Aviation

Choosing the right provider for your needs is not a decision to be made lightly. There are many factors which need to be considered prior to committing to any particular school or organisation.

Some of these factors are:

Is the provider state registered training organization (RTO) ?

Pearson Aviation is a Victorian Qualifications Authority RTO

Does the provider offer a fully accredited qualification in line with the Australian National qualifications framework? for instance; certificate IV in aviation (Commercial pilot Aeroplane license) and diploma of aviation (instrument flight operations).

Pearson Aviation offers the formal qualifications of:
AVI40108   Certificate IV in Aviation (Commercial Pilot Aeroplane Licence)
AVI50408   Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Flight Operations)

Location of the school

Pearson Aviation is located at Essendon Airport within Melbourne’s Primary airspace, which affords the student exposure to a professional working environment from lesson one but still affords ease of entry and exit to facilitate quick transit to non controlled training fields.

What qualification and experience do the management and staff have?

Many of the staff at Pearson Aviation have tertiary qualifications as well as ATPL.

Our Chief Executive has in excess of 12,000 flight hours logged. He has degrees in Arts and Law and is a CASA Approved Testing Officer for the issue of fixed wing licences and ratings. He has also achieved the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Will you get personalized attention or will you be just another number on the production line?

Pearson Aviation is proud to provide each student with as much personal contact as they require. By working in an environment of Self Managed Teams, with a highly motivated Grade One Instructor as Team Leader, each student has a number of dedicated staff as well as the other members of their team to learn from. These groups are kept small as we limit our intakes with the specific aim of optimizing the personal contact.

How long has the school been operating?

Pearson Aviation has been trading since 1982 and has held its own AOC since 1989.

Can the school train you for all licences and rating?

Pearson Aviation is approved by CASA to conduct training for all fixed wing licences and most ratings.

What facilities does the school have ?

Pearson Aviation has extensive facilities located in the main passenger terminal at Essendon airport, which facilitate easy access to the tarmac and public facilities.

are there sufficient staff to cater for your needs and the undertake lessons when you require?

At Pearson Aviation we endeavour to assign one Instructor to one student and provide a network of highly qualified support staff to assist each student to achieve their goals in the shortest possible time.

What type and how many aircraft does the school operate?

Pearson Aviation operates a fleet of modern Cessna aircraft. We can provide aircraft equipped with Garmen 1000 glass cockpit. When you are ready for your jet endorsement we can provide this too. We have the staff and the equipment to provide a truly professional environment.

What are the real costs? Some organizations will promote a very cheap hourly rate but what are the hidden extra cost?

At Pearson Aviation all our fees and charges are up front. There are no hidden costs. All you pay for is the hire of the aircraft and instructor. If the engine is not running you pay nothing. We do not charge for pre-flight or post flight briefings. You will pay for some peripheral items such as textbooks and formal ground theory charges (should you choose this option).

At Pearson Aviation we pride ourselves on training our students to the highest possible standard in the minimum amount of time. Thus, minimising the total cost.

Essendon Airport

  • Ideal for training professional pilots.
  • Located within the same Melbourne Primary Control Zone used by Boeing 747 international flights – so flight training is conducted in the radar environment of the professionals.
  • Essendon has long sealed runways, a control tower, on-site maintenance workshops, approach and runway lighting and sophisticated navigation aids.
  • Access to a nearby general Aviation Aerodrome which uses GAAP procedures, dual runways and contra-rotating circuits, as well as access to a large country training area and country aerodromes.
  • Accommodation is easy to arrange, the city centre is 16km away and connected by electric tram.


  • A modern multi-cultural city of over 4 million people with communities and countries all over the world.
  • World renowned for its restaurants, arts, entertainment, shopping, public transport, sport, parks and gardens and sightseeing.
  • It is politically stable and has been said to be the world’s most liveable city.