Recreational Pilot Licence

The RPL has replaced the old GFPT.

On satisfactory completion of the requirements to obtain a RPL you will be granted passenger carrying privileges and be able to fly as Pilot in Command within a limited area; normally the school’s training area and up to 25 nautical miles from your aerodrome of departure.

Before you may apply for a RPL there is a requirement to study for a simple theory exam in basic aeronautical knowledge (BAK). The study for the BAK is straightforward and usually conducted concurrently with the flight training. It can be accomplished by either home study or class tuition.

Most students choose to study at home and at their own pace as this gives the greatest flexibility and is the least expensive option. Personal tuition is also possible with your instructor.

Assessment practices are flexible and so long as they meet the requirements of CASA, student needs are taken into account at all times .

The flight training is divided into Dual (time with your instructor) and Solo, which is time spent practising sequences on your own. The dual requirement is a minimum of 20 hours flight time and the solo is 5 hours flight time. Therefore, the minimum flight training required is 25 hours. However, these hours are based on minimum requirements, realistically the time taken differs for each individual student.

On completion of the initial training and having reached a satisfactory standard, you must then undergo a check flight, which is normally done by the Chief Flying Instructor of your school. The check flight will also include a simple questionnaire on the use of the aircraft radio in order that you may be issued a Flight Radio Telephone Operator’s Licence.

A complete and detailed syllabus of training is available from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) web site:

RPL holders are restricted to single engine piston engine powered aircraft which weigh less than 1500Kg and may only carry 1 passenger unless they have a Class 2 medical certificate.
After attaining a RPL you may ad a navigation endorsement or continue training towards the issue of a Private Pilot Licence.